Who am I?

The longer I live, the more I realize everything I’ve revolved my life around is in one way or another, a adversary against time

When I enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis, my audacious goal in studying biomedical engineering was to make a contribution to the field of aging research, thereby extending the amount of time we all have to enjoy our lived experience.

I dropped out because I didn’t feel that I was getting a good ROI for my education’s expense. I instead leaned full forward into building WAND, an Uber like platform for booking housekeepers. When selling the value of my app to customers, I would pitch it as a way for them to buy back the one thing that they thought they couldn’t: time.

I’ve went on to build a series of other marketplace platforms, motivated along the way by this same idea, until I wasn’t. In 2020, like many other people, I slowed down to consider what was important to me, and where I wanted to be spending my time.

I went on a novelty search, taking on new types of consulting work, and getting involved with a podcast as the executive producer. This latter opportunity put me in contact with many interesting people doing work on the edge of what is known, renewing my interest in research. It also led directly to what I do now, which in short, is helping people come to terms with time through something we call a Legacy Interview.

In addition to these interviews, I am back to exploring the mechanisms underlying aging. I do this now through independent research, intersecting my knowledge-base in biology and software to come to novel conclusions about where order and causality reside in chaotic and complex systems.

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