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#1 - Iosif Gershteyn

The postmodern hangover, economics & religion

Iosif Gershteyn is a biotech entrepreneur running ImmuVia, a company focused on eradicating cancer through their novel antibody platform. They recently completed primate studies and are gearing up for phase 1 clinical trials. In our interview however, we don’t talk about this at all.

Iosif is someone I know to be of immense integrity, and in the time I’ve known him he has provided me a great deal of value as a colleague and as a friend. My goal in talking with Iosif over the course of this conversation was to wring him like a wet cloth for wisdom in a format that could be disseminated to others.

When Iosif last came through to visit Saint Louis, we sat down to record in the Legacy Interviews studio. In a little over an hour, we discussed the ‘postmodern hangover’ plaguing society, economics, philosophy, religion and more. We embraced difficult subjects and had a great time doing it.

I hope you enjoy.

I’m trying something new here with the podcast format. Let me know what you think in the comments. With this being my first episode, it will take a few hours for this show to appear on Spotify/Apple/etc as their platforms accept my RSS feed to distribute. In the future, new episodes should be available across all platforms as soon as you see them here. As always, stay subscribed to get my newest content delivered right to your inbox.


-Benjamin Anderson

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