#2 - Vance Crowe

Pattern spotting, negotiation & the faults of bureaucracy

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Vance Crowe is communications expert running Legacy Interviews, a company dedicated to capturing individual’s life histories so that future generations can know their family history. He has a master’s degree in negotiations and has been named as a fellow with the US Center for Peace and Conflict studies. Vance is an internationally recognized speaker who regularly teaches about communications, conflict negotiations and strategy development. Previously, he held positions at The World Bank and served as Director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto.

In the recent history of my life, there is no one person who has had a greater impact on my development as an individual than Vance.

During Covid, we started working together on The Vance Crowe Podcast, with me acting as executive producer. From there, we did some consulting projects for institutions such as regional banks and executive networking organizations. Finally, in 2022, we started Legacy Interviews together. Vance has since bought me out. We talk about this among other things in the interview.

What is in this conversation for you?

If you only listen to a portion of this conversation, listen to the following:

  1. Better understand how your leaders are making decisions. ~9:45
    Vance has had a presence in some of the world's most influential circles, and our discussion explores the underlying dynamics that drive the actions of leaders and bureaucrats alike.

  2. Learn to negotiate so that everyone can win. ~52:45
    Vance is a student of interest-based negotiations, a system that challenges the conventional wisdom that ‘a good negotiation is one where both sides leave slightly disappointed’. In an interest-based negotiation, the intent is to reach an outcome where both sides feel great.

I hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback or start a discussion in the comments section of this post.

This podcast was recorded in the Legacy Interviews studio. To support this endeavor, book a remote or in-person interview to capture your loved one’s story. Once you have it, it immediately becomes the most valuable possession in your family’s heirloom.


-Benjamin Anderson

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