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#3 - Aydin Gokce

Agency, engineering and rat computer

Aydin Gokce is an engineer working at Saronic, a defense technology company. I found Aydin from a post he published online outlining ‘how to culture neurons in your kitchen for under $2000’. I later learned this was in relation to a project he is working on by the name of ‘rat computer’. The goal is to use rat neurons as a computing substrate alternative to silicon. More on this in the interview.

Aydin is one of the most impressive young people I’ve ever met. He is agential, high integrity and cares as much about how he does things as what he is doing. For these reasons, I jumped at the opportunity to record a conversation with him when he took me up on an offer to come visit Saint Louis.

Listening to this conversation is an opportunity to observe the nascent ideas of someone who could one day be as influential as history's most notable innovators.

I hope you enjoy.

This podcast was recorded in the Legacy Interviews studio. To support this endeavor, book a remote or in-person interview to capture your loved one’s story. Once you have it, it immediately becomes an heirloom, your family’s most valued treasure.


-Benjamin Anderson

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